Friday, January 06, 2006

New Years Resolutions Be Damned

Today I broke several of my resolutions, lets see just how many.

I am on Diet Coke number three (caffeine free though...).

I took both children to the grocery store.

I am harboring much ill will towards the woman who commented that really, she had never heard a small child shriek quite so loud, and have I had A evaluated for developmental delays yet.

I am harboring more ill will towards the woman who commented that she had never seen a child scream so much when being forcible buckled into her car seat, was I sure that it fit her.

I have not looked at the New York Times since New Years.

I have not yet emailed out the Christmas pictures (but I DID download them to the computer, that's a start!).

On the upside, I have managed a shower every day.