Friday, January 06, 2006

Reader's Choice

Clearly, I have been able to find very little of importance to write about over the last several days. A blog I saw once had a reader's choice entry, which I thought was fun. Of course I can't remember who it was, so forgive me for not giving credit where credit is due. And if it is you, raise your hand so I can assuage my plagiarism guilt. Or maybe it was from Ellen, who once did a viewers choice monologue (Leave me alone, it's my treadmill addiction.). Either way, still not my original idea.

Pick a topic, any topic. Anything you are dying to know about my not so interesting life? Any current events topic you would like me to weigh in on? I'll write about it to the best of my abilities. Fire away. There, the burden of creative thought is now on all of you...all six of you...