Friday, November 09, 2007

Really, I swear

I really want to go to London to see Rebecca, I swear. But my flight options? They suck. We can leave here at 9 am and get in at 8pm. Which sounds great on the surface. But you KNOW my kids will be up until midnight, for the whole trip. Or, we could take the red-eye. Which results in them getting about five hours of sleep and us getting none. At best. Oh, yeah. They'll be fun then. Because we all know how wethey operate on limited sleep.

When she left, Rebecca said she knew I was a true friend because I refused to say "Oh, of COURSE we will come visit you." Instead, I kept saying "I love you dearly, but I refuse to commit." Well, we have committed, but man, do my options have to be so horrid? Clearly, I need to stay two weeks as given my kids track record, that is about how long it will take us to make the time zone shift...

So, which door would you choose, A or B?