Friday, November 09, 2007

Musical Beds

Last night I played a little game called musical beds. First A wanted to snuggle in our bed, but I convinced her that hers was more comfortable (it is). Then while I was dozing in her room, I heard C wander into mine and question M as to my whereabouts. I quickly scooted out of A's room and led C back to his room, which also required a snuggle (his bed, not so comfortable. There was no dozing). Then once I made it back to our room, A appeared wanting to snuggle with mommy and daddy and a gaggle of stuffed animals. I pared her down to one stuffed animal and in she came.

On the upside, she then slept til 6:20 or so. Ad C made it to 6:30. Too bad I didn't sleep at all...but at least I'm not likely to throw myself down in the middle of the grocery and sob about the injustice of life.