Monday, June 04, 2007

8 Random Facts

Ginger tagged me for this one....and if I still owe someone out there a meme (and I am fairly certain I do), let me know. Because it is shaping up to be a memey sort of week.

  1. My children are at the moment raging at me because I took away their ability to pick TV shows after dinner because of their behavior (or lack thereof) at the grocery store this afternoon. Note that I did not take away the TV, just the show picking ability. Because it has been that kind of a day. Hmmm, I wonder what I want to watch. Perhaps some Charlie and Lola...
  2. I am very tired. I am always very tired. It is a fact of my life. Maybe not a random fact, as anyone who knows me and my kids knows that I am always tired, but it is a fact.
  3. I love trashy novels. I just finished a particularly horrific one which has apparently been turned into a USA mini-series. That should tell you just how horrific it was. Even still, I read it cover to cover. I am NOT going to watch the show, however. Really, I swear.
  4. I kill plants. Not intentionally, but I kill them nonetheless. Despite this fact, I continue to plan elaborate gardens that will eventually die. My own personal brand of self-torture.
  5. I hate to be touched. Hate it. Which makes it rather hard to parent two children who love to snuggle.
  6. I used to be well-informed about the goings on in the world. There were actually several years that I read two or three newspapers cover to cover every day. I kick ass in trivial pursuit for those years. Now? I'm lucky if I know if there is a major holiday approaching.
  7. When M is out of town I live on frozen pizza and nachos. There is something so wonderful about frozen pizza and nachos. And then I wonder why I can't lose the last ten pounds of baby weight...
  8. Ten minutes later my children are still raging at me. In between the bouts of "This is all YOUR fault." "No! It is all YOUR fault." This is going to be the longest. summer. ever.