Tuesday, June 05, 2007


It is good to have goals. Goals are good. And since I am faced with a summer of nothingless, and a hubby whose season of travel seems to have turned into a year of travel, I figure I need to set myself some goals or nothing will ever get done around here.

  • Organize the entry, for the gazillionth time. I feel like I spend my life organizing the entry, so clearly it is not organized well. I am, once again, going to clear out the two storage areas, and then try to figure out what I keep shoving on the shelves in a frantic stash and dash before someone rings the doorbell. Once I know what doesn't have a home, I will try my darndest to find suitable homes.
  • Organize the pantry. This one will actually require M's assistance, unless I feel like taking on a building project. Which I just might. But in all seriousness, we have some super deep cabinets that seem to gobble up canned goods so I never have any idea what I actually have in house. And since we have established many times that I am an inherently lazy person, I never bother to dig through and instead just rebuy. Resulting in 12 cans of chickpeas. To resolve this, I want some pull out shelves.
  • Organize the toy collection. I actually started this last week, inspired by a link I followed from Jody's. Then I ran into some child-induced difficulties, "NOOOOO! DON'T put THAT there," and was forced to halt until such time that another adult could escort the kids outside, or to the playground, or someplace other than the family room.
  • Weed the garden. Y'all saw the pictures. I don't weed. I was spoiled at the last house, we had mulch and fabulous ground covering plants. Since mulch isn't in the budget this year, I actually need to get down and take out those pesky weeds.
  • Finish my Einstein Coat. This one is a bit ambitious since I just agreed to make some mittens for an outreach project Lovely Friend is doing, and they need to be done sooner rather than later, but I need something to knit while I am not watching the trashy mini-series.
That's all for now, I figure with two kids in tow, this should probably take me all summer. Wish me luck-