Thursday, May 31, 2007

It should suprise no one

This evening C "graduated" from preschool. Thankfully, the "graduation" was developmentally appropriate, which is why I so love this preschool. The children filed into the church, each class sang two songs, the children sang two songs all together, and they filed out again. But each and every child (well, except for the one little girl who saw her parents in the pew and decided to sit down with them instead of continuing down the aisle) thought it was the best. thing. ever.

And anyone who has met C will not be at all surprised to hear that he was the talk of the post-preschool graduation festivities. C was one of the first children down the aisle, biting his lip and looking not quite happy. But as soon as he saw us and got those five year old "Hi MOM! HI! HI DAD!" waves out of the way, he stood in his spot, and was even overheard telling the boys on either side of him that "I can't chat now, we need to be quiet." Unheard of I tell you.

Then, the music started. And all the entire audience heard was my son belting out the songs as loudly as he could. His (very off-key) voice was literally the only thing you could hear the entire concert. Well, that and A screaming "C! I see him! Hi C!" C was very serious and intent about the whole event, and I couldn't decide whether I should laugh or cry. So I did both.

Afterwards, it took us a good half-hour to make it out of the school as each parent and teacher had to stop us and comment on C's enthusiasm for the songs. The principal even stopped me as I was about to finally exit the building and said "I told you that there was always one child who entertained us each graduation, and I am not at all surprised that it was C. But at least this year we were entertained in a good way, as he was doing EXACTLY what we kept telling them to do, 'Sing loudly!'"

Happy graduation C, and may you find a calling in life that does not involve carrying a tune. I love you bud.