Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Four words for you. Last. Day. Of School. Tomorrow. OK, that was five. Sue me. Really! Please! Because then I might have something to focus on all summer that didn't involve keeping two children who just discovered the joys of sibling bickering occupied.

I can't believe I ever thought that a summer of hanging out and doing nothing was a good idea. It wasn't. It was a horrid idea. We will never survive. For example, today. We had to go to the cell phone store (cell phone+toilet=rather gross, also very dead and very expensive) and the grocery store. By the time we made it out of the cell phone store, A had lost her Dora Popsicle privileges for the foreseeable future and C had lost Radio Disney for two days. Which resulted in a group temper tantrum (which did ultimately land me a $40 discount to get us the hell out of the store as quickly as possible). I am rather sure that if the clerk hadn't forked over the discount, the business man standing in line behind me would have gotten on his (working) cell phone and called someone to take us far, far away.

Then, at the grocery store, we ended up leaving because the kids could not. keep. their hands. to. themselves. Which resulted in no groceries. And, while that may be easy on the pocketbook, it will become a real issue rather quickly as I am down to my last soy milk and apple. Do you think I could stock up on a summer's worth of groceries tomorrow? How long does ultra-pasteurized milk last these days?

If you see SOS signals coming from the general direction of my backyard, please send in reinforcements. Please, I beg of you. Preferable in the form of chocolate. Or a nanny.