Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Random Bullets of Travel

  • We went to Nana's for a long weekend, but now we're back and most of you didn't even know we were among the missing in teh blogsphere. Isn't technology grand?
  • I did log in a few times on Nana's computer, which is much slower than mine (no offense Nana) but it was rather freeing to not have my laptop open for four days.
  • Of course, now that I am back, I missed you so, dear laptop. Your keyboard with its keys designed for a smaller hand...
  • I did the drive both ways with the kids by myself. And we only had to make one potty/lunch stop on the way up, two on the way back thanks to the ill-advised 24 oz bottle of water I handed back because I forgot the kid-sized drinks on Nana's counter. I think I may have finally arrived at the point at which travel by car is almost manageable.
  • Of course, if I ever, ever hear Tacky the Penguin again, I may explode into a billion pieces. "How many toes does a fish have, how many wings on a cow..." Sorry.
  • On the trip back we stopped off at Rebecca's mom's house for Seder. Ah, the brisket. The carrot soufflĂ©, how many ways do I love you.
  • It was the first Seder since C and Julia were born that the grownups didn't have to whip 40 billion distraction tricks out. The five year olds sat and listened, and the three year olds did, in their own way.
  • Although about half-way through A started making up her own Haggadah, "And then all the nasty creatures went away and the people felt better and they all lived happily ever after, Amen."
  • Only last year, Rebecca and I had been wondering when it was that we would enjoy ourselves again at Passover. I think this probably would have been the year, had I not still had to drive an hour and a half listening to Tacky the Fricking Penguin.
  • It was lovely to see Rebecca, and not at all sad to leave her since we will see them all again in two days.
  • Along with an afikomen gift, C salvaged a broken guitar slated for the trash. He is hugging it as he watches TV right now. I need to get the child music lessons one of these days.
  • Now I have to face the house I left trashed in my hurry to hit the road Thursday night, and the grocery store. But it is raining. Do you think we can last another few days on tinned fruit and cereal without milk???