Monday, April 09, 2007

Overheard all over the place

Chichimama: "Who is the silliest?"

A: "You are!"

Chichimama: "Who is the funniest?"

A: "You are!"

Chichimama: "Who is the best?"

A: "I am!"

Chichimama: "Why do your rooms smell so, fruity? Did you sneak an apple or something up here?"

C: "No, I think it is because we took a bath. That's what clean smells like Mom."


C: "I've decided what my Monday Morning News is going to be!"

Chichimama: "Oh! What? I can't wait to hear what you decided!"

C: "That we had carrots for dinner!"

Chichimama: "What about the tractor ride and the visit from Julia or the trip to the museum?"

C: "Yeah, that was all fun, but I think I'm sticking with carrots for dinner."