Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some life lessons courtesy of C and A

We've had an exciting week so far at Chez-J/E as apparently I had neglected to impart some key life lessons to my children.

Lesson #1: We do not throw things towards the stove. Even if we are pretending to be a great football player.

Lesson #2: When playing "pet" we do not climb into Tupperware bins and close the top. Even if it does seem more realistic.

Lesson #3: Objects that run on batteries (or electricity) do not get baths in the sink. Or the tub. Or the kidde pool. Or any type of water. Even if the trains are very, very dirty.

Lesson #4: When mommy is closing the door of the car, everyone must keep theirs hands, feet, and toys safely confined within the car seat. Even if we have just one more thing we want to say to our friends.

Lesson #5: We do not do jump up and down on top of the coffee table. Even if we are trying to reach up to the sky

Lesson #6: We do not try to put pigtails on the cat. Even if we want him to look bee-u-tiful.