Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bullets of busyness

  • No school today. Yet, we were on the go all. day. long. because today is swim day. Thankfully, the pool had to be evacuated because of an "accident" during A's lesson this morning, which resulted in twelve hysterical toddlers and twelve grateful caregivers.
  • Unfortunately, they got the pool cleaned up in time for lessons this afternoon. C swam halfway across the pool with no flotation today, and could have gone much further. Yet, he refuses to put his face in the water. He is close to holding the pool record for longest amount of time in Pike II. I just don't get it.
  • My mom and step-dad arrive tonight, if they ever make it through NYC. Their late arrival and resulting grumpiness puts a serious wrench in my plan to dump the kids on them tomorrow morning so I could try to start my holiday shopping without two mini-consumers in tow.
  • I take back everything nasty I ever said about basement playrooms. While I still choose not to spend much time down there, I can send the kids there and they play happily by themselves for thirty to forty minutes at a clip. And if I don't want to clean up the toys, I can close the door and ignore the mess. Rebecca is laughing at me right now.
  • Somehow, we are now booked every weekend between now and Christmas. How does this happen? Every year I swear we won't over commit, and every year I end up scrambling through the holiday season.
  • Speaking of the holiday season, anyone have any good cookie recipes they feel like sharing? Preferably ones that freeze well. I bought 40 billion cookie tins on sale last year, but now I have to fill them....
  • I have nothing else for you. NaBloPoMo needs to happen in February next year. It is a short month, and doesn't interfere with any major holidays requiring preplanning...