Saturday, March 11, 2006

Credit where credit is due

I have a few "I was wrong, you were right" admissions to make, along with a few "I should have tried this sooner" acknowledgements, so I figured I would get them all out there at once for the whole internet to enjoy.

Gina, I bow down to your mommy instincts. We put A in cotton jammies last night instead of the heavy-duty "it is 50 degrees in our house at night" blanket sleeper, and she only woke up once and slept until 6:45. While clearly we will need more nights of experimentation to discover if this is a trend in the making, I still thank you from the bottom of my heart for at least one good night's sleep. I feel almost human.

For my birthday my inlaws sent me this -the Magic Bullet. It sat on my dining room table for several weeks, until M finally got sick of a kitchen appliance sitting on the dining room table and unpacked it. When I had initially unwrapped the gift, I had been a bit disappointed as I had asked for a new super-duper crockpot (oh yeah, I go wild for my birthday). I now fully admit that despite its "I saw it on an infomercial" beginnings, the Magic Bullet is actually a very handy thing. I've already used it three times this week. It did a decent job of chopping herbs as well as whipping up some lovely aiolis, and basically earned the right to continue taking up prime real estate on my kitchen counter. And although I can't imagine a scenario in which I will use the included "party mugs", I guess one should never say never...

M has been telling me for weeks that I should take a morning and head to the salon for a pedicure. I've been pooh poohing him and heading for the grocery store instead when someone else is in charge of the children. I mean, I had to keep at least ONE of my New Years resolutions. But yesterday both kids were actually in school at the same time for the first time since before Christmas, and instead of going to the store I somehow found myself turning into the nail salon parking lot. I emerged an hour and a half later with not only hot pink toenails, but waxed eyebrows and neat finger nails with no dirt under them! And it was much better than the grocery store, even the waxing part. Well, maybe not the exact moment when they ripped the hair out of my skin, but the end result was still lovely despite the moment(s) of pain.

Just about a year ago my primary care doctor carefully suggested that my chest pain and palpitations might in fact be symptoms of post-partum anxiety after ruling out many other possible medical conditions. As I was almost a year post-childbirth and everyone had told me that I had made the transition to two children better than anyone they knew, I insisted that it couldn't possibly be the issue. Now that I am am almost a year post-weaning, I feel better than I have since about eight weeks after A was born. Almost normal. No chest pain, very few palpitations, and negligible anxiety. While I can't say that the palpitations are gone, they are definitely much less present than they were a year ago, and very clearly tied to the PMS phase of my menstrual cycle. Which would lead one to believe that my body just did a really crappy job of hormone regulation post-childbirth and weaning, and that Dr. A was in fact correct in her diagnosis.

Phew. Glad to have gotten those things off my chest. I can now get back to contemplating cleaning the house and folding the laundry. It's an exciting day Chez J-E.