Friday, October 29, 2004

And I Bought a Halloween Costume Because...

The Halloween hype began weeks in advance this year. "I be doctor for Halloween" reverberated through the house on an hourly basis. The costume was purchased several weeks ahead, C wore it many times to "practice," and not one but two orange plastic pumpkins had been procured to hold the candy loot. Last night we talked for eons before bed about how tomorrow was the party at Michael's house and how C was going to wear his costume and Michael would wear his costume and fun would be had by all.

Bright and early the next morning we all rise for the 9:30am party, and I race into C's room with costume in hand gleefully singing "time to get dressed for the party! You get to wear your costume today!" "No." "What do you mean 'no.' You've been waiting for this all week." "No. Me no be doctor." After several minutes of discussion, I finally give up and figure, well, after breakfast. It's hard to get dressed up on an empty tummy. Breakfast is served, and the costume once again presented. "No. Me no wear costume." I wheedle, "Michael will be in his costume, he's going to be a firefighter." "No. No no no." Sensing a quickly approaching melt down and after a hurried phone call to B for consensus that I shouldn't insist on the costume, on go the sweats and the costume goes into a bag in hopes that upon arriving at the party it will be needed.

As we pull up to Michael's house, Michael's daddy heads out to help us unload and starts laughing. "You two are screwed. Michael wouldn't put his costume on either and she's been coaxing him with "But C will have his on." Dejected, I haul C and A into the house. Michael and C descend upon each other with glee screaming "See, I TOLD you so mommy. No costume."

Maybe on Sunday?