Thursday, October 28, 2004

Oh My God He's Green

I tried to introduce C to the joys of baking today by making Halloween cupcakes for the party tomorrow. As I was trying my best to mix the red and yellow food coloring to make a pumpkin-like orange colored frosting and simultaneously talk on the phone trying to coordinate the board meeting that was happening Monday, my attention wandered for a moment and when I turned back to him he had grabbed the green food coloring bottle and squirted it all over his hands and face. "Oh my God he's green" I screeched into the phone and abruptly hung up. Thank god it was another mommy who, while a bit confused, figured I would eventually call back to explain.

In my haste to try to stop the dye from setting (all be it too late...) I whisked him into the shower and began to scrub without taking pictures. By the time I realized it would be a hysterical addition to the photo album when I recovered from the shock, it was too late and he was just a pale green instead of the hulk-green color of a half hour ago.

Two lessons learned: never leave a curious toddler near food coloring, and unless grave danger is apparent, a picture is worth a thousand words…