Friday, October 29, 2004

Oh My God He's Purple

One would think I would have extrapolated from yesterday's lesson not to leave a curious toddler near food coloring to include not leaving a curious toddler near finger paint, but no. In an attempt to keep C occupied while I tried to nurse A and eat some lunch I pulled out the finger paints and strapped him into the booster chair at the kitchen table. C was happily swishing away on the paper, I was happily wolfing down a sandwich, and A was happily gulping down her milk. All was quiet; all was good. Upon finishing her gulping, A decided that NOW would be a good time for a nap. I quickly race up the stairs, gallop through the lullaby and unceremoniously dump her into her crib.

As I trot back downstairs I hear a squeal and a "Look Mommy!" from the kitchen. As I round the corner, all I see is a purple arm and torso (Did I mention he was naked??? Totally naked). Dumb. Dumb. I am dumb. At least this time it was water-soluble paint. And at least I did learn the second part of my lesson; many pictures were taken for posterity before the scrubbing began.