Friday, November 02, 2007

The day that got away

Today was a day that I should have gotten much accomplished. We had nothing to do besides get C to and from school and feed a classmate of C's lunch. I had a list a mile long of things to do around the house: vacuum the kitchen rug, sort through the beginnings of Christmas in the guest room, finish putting the garden to bed. And what I got accomplished? Nothing. The lunch/playdate did not go as well as anticipated and on top of that, A was distraught about being excluded from said playdate, so I spend the early afternoon playing princess and wedding while refereeing two kindergarteners who should really know how to play store on their own.

Once the playdate decided that his time here was over we walked him home and then came back. I had all intentions of starting in on my list, but then I got a phone call from a friend I hadn't talked to in ages and after I hung up with her I decided to wash all the comforter covers (which was no where on the list). That turned into a romp in the basement with the children in an ongoing attempt to convince the kids that the basement is fun and exciting and where they should play all. the. time. instead of treking the toys from the basement to the living room and then leaving them there.

Once I had the kids installed downstairs, I headed upstairs with all intentions of vacuuming the kitchen rug, but then saw I had messed up the pattern in my new knitting project and started ripping that out. I got it ripped out, but then the kids decided that the basement was not all that I had promised it would be so we headed out to the yard to work on the beds. But it was "too cold" so we quickly headed back in and then got sidetracked by snack. Ahh, snack.

So instead of eating snack, I quickly turned to my knitting. And then it was time to watch shows and I kept knitting. Then dinner, bath, and bed, with none of my to do list accomplished. But I did get this far on my new project...

and now my sushi is here, and the knitting diet is about to head out the window for the evening. Happy Friday!