Thursday, October 04, 2007

Some questions for the organized

OK. So my plans for the weekend involve a massive organization of the house. As it is driving me bonkers. But there are some items that I have no idea how to deal with. Paper, fine. Files, etc, etc. But where do you keep your library books so they get read, but not lumped into the regular bookcase??? And how do you deal with the small little plastic crap that comes home in goody bags? What about cell phones, ipods, and their various charging paraphernalia? Coupons to Bed Bath and Beyond and such, so they aren't hanging out in the open, but yet not shoved into a drawrer to be found 2 years after the expire?

How about your table clothes and such, assuming you don't have a buffet or other similar piece in the dining room? Art supplies? Hats and mittens? Shoes in the entryway?

I KNOW I have some super organized readers. And some readers who have learned how to be organized in the not so distant past. Please help a gal out. Feel free to shout out some other things that I know I have forgotten, like the tupperware that gets used every day in the lunch box, but can't really sit out on the counter.