Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bullets of Catch Up

  • We did eat in the dinning room. And no red sauce landed on the carpet. Because the kids were soooo excited to be eating with other kids that not a single one of them ate anything until desert (ice cream), which was consumed outside.
  • I am (almost) seeing the light at the end of my crazy SeptemberOctober. I think maybe by the 15th things should settle down a bit.
  • Except apparently as class mom, I have to DRESS UP for Halloween. Y'all know that Halloween is my least favorite holiday, ranking right up there next to Valentines Day, right? Had I know I was expected to dress up, it would have been deal breaker. Seriously.
  • So what the hell do I do? I feel somewhat obligated to be slightly more creative than the witch's hat, but I don't feel like spending much money on this one. Any ideas of crafty bloggers?
  • We have started the process of redecoratingdecorating the train room. Except it is so small that we have stumped the free design consult service at the furniture store. So we have moved onto plan B, which is to move the old furniture in the family room into the train room (we tried it the other night and it does in fact fit) and redo the family room instead. Which I am rather excited about.
  • M is not, as it is potentially a much more expensive project. So we'll see if it ever gets off the ground.
  • I have decided that I really hate our weekly schedule. I spend my life racing from one school to another and back again. And I have at least another two years before they are both in the same school.
  • On the upside, we ditched tennis and fall baseball. Which is a good thing as I have no idea how we would manage. Right now we all live for Thursday when our day ends at 11:30.
  • I even begged Lovely Friend to pick up my vegetables from the CSA tomorrow so we don't have to leave the house again if we don't want to.
  • Of course you know the kids will be at each other's throats by 12:01...
  • Off to start the mad morning dash now...