Saturday, September 15, 2007

And I wonder why I always feel so scattered

I like to call myself a dabbler, but I have a feeling that my real issue is a lack of focus and an inability to see a non-work related project through to the end. Here are the various projects in progress at my house right now.

Gym bag and A's snack bag, leftover from Friday, not yet emptied.
A file box that needs book fair and PTA materials in it. A pile of 4T clothes to ship to London.
The book fair and PTA files that need to go into that empty file box. The nice neat file system next to that? My "work" files. I.E. the stuff that would pay the bills, if only I was actually being paid to write these days instead of doing it for free.

Burnt lasagna. Not salvageable. Now I need to come up with dinner plan B (pizza for the kids, sushi for Chichimama and M. See, there is a silver lining...).
Computer (out of juice) and cold cup of tea. Soon to be replaced by a glass of wine. At least the wine still tastes OK at room temperature. And now you know where I blog from since my kids have discovered that the laptop does indeed play Noggin and PBS games. Note the magazine title in the background. Ha! Ha ha!
Templates to try and figure out how to furnish the odd little room off the kitchen (currently known as the train room). This clearly doesn't work. Any designers out there who feel like taking on a project? I'm totally serious here.
Tupperware bins of outgrown clothes to go up the attic. In the background, my "desk" that I am supposed to be using instead of the dining room table above. Ahem. Moving on..
Tupperware bin of clothes to Ebay. Several 0-6 month outfits of A's are in there. She is 3 and a half...
Clothes to go to Goodwill. On the guest bed that needs to get cleaned off before the arrival of Nana next month.
Tupperware from the attic that needs to get sorted through and put into A's drawers. Sitting on top of the chenille rug that is so gross that I hate sending A to her room to play.
Laundry to be put away. In the background, the dry clean only dust magnet drapes. Soon to be replaced by something machine washable. Sigh.
Sheets to go onto bed once laundry has been put away.
Clothes to be washed, once the sheets in the laundry basket have been put on the bed.
Drying rack to be put together. My last Target purchase for a month. Oooh. Ahhh.
Sweaters to be washed once the drying rack has been put together. Note the wall paper, which is high on my list of things to get rid of, if only I could get on top of all the other stuff...
I didn't even bother to take a picture of the knitting project that will never end, the ironing pile in the basement, and the playroom which is in desperate need of a de-cluttering. And the yard? I shudder to think of the state of our back yard. It is in such need of a pruning and weeding that I am tempted to rip it all out and start over again. I need help folks.