Friday, August 10, 2007

Packing List

A note to self for the next trip to Maine, based on the last two (or three) trips...

1) Bring a rain coat for you, not just the kids.

2) Bring a sweatshirt (or two) for you, not just the kids.

3) Bring more than one pair of long pants. Preferably the soft brown sweatpants.

4) Remember the kid's tennis rackets. It is hard for them to take tennis lessons without one (although the Target rackets are nice and inexpensive).

5) The brown flip flops are not so comfortable for long walks, no matter how cute they are. Bring the Merrills for shleping kids to and from camp and tennis.

6) Bring at least three more tubes of sunblock than you think you need. Even if it is raining.

7) Bug spray. Bug spray. Bug spray.

8) Cortisone. Cortisone. Cortisone.

9) See number 2. And then if you decided that it is August and of COURSE it will be warm, remember that if you are wrong, all beach town sweatshirts are so outrageously overpriced that you decide to shiver instead of shelling out for one.