Thursday, August 16, 2007

How time flies when you're huddling on the beach

Today is the first really warm day here, so of course that means that we will be departing tomorrow. And yet, despite the cold, my children still look like I didn't go through five tubes of sun block this vacation. But on the upside, next week we will hopefully resume some semblance of a regular schedule again and that will be a good thing.

I am not the only one who is looking forward to my own bed, as lovely as it has been to spend so much time with my family. Yesterday C created a presentation (almost complete with powerpoint) entitled "Why I miss home." He announced he had three points to make and then went on to very clearly identify, elaborate upon, and sum up all three points ("In summary, I miss my stuffed animals, I miss my bed, and I can't wait to be alone in my room.").

Think of me, alone, with two children, shelpping down the eastern seaboard tomorrow. And if you see a woman on the side of the road refusing to drive any further until the whining stops, feel free to wave a hello and donate any chocolate you might have in the car to my cause. Thank you.