Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So many things are so much clearer now

Today was C's last day of lunch at school, and in honor of that, I decided to give his lunch box a good thorough cleaning instead of the quick once over that I usually do. As I started scrubbing the outside, I found a pocket that I had never, ever seen before. And that pocket felt rather odd. I opened it up, and out fell a litter of papers. Flyers about family events from weeks ago. The contract for A's tuition next year that the office insisted they had sent home and I insisted that I had never seen. A note from his teacher about the end of the year party, which I am apparently coordinating next week. A birthday party invitation for a party that has long since come and gone.

Clearly, I need to do a better job of cleaning his lunch box next year. And I have an awful lot of apologizing to do tomorrow morning...