Tuesday, May 22, 2007


M is away in California for the week. Thankfully, the travel season is almost over. But in his absence I hosted his sister and her kids for dinner tonight. For some unknown reason I decided to grill even though (and I'm highly embarrassed to admit this) I have never actually operated a grill before. M loves to grill so I've always just left the outdoor cooking to him and took a welcome break from meal prep.

But, it all changed tonight baby! After a frantic phone consultation with M ("How do I turn it on?!?" "How long would you cook this!?!"), I fired the grill up. And the food was good. M, watch out, I just might have to start grilling! Or, perhaps I will continue to sit in my lounger with wine glass in hand and comment on your technique. Either way, grill season is here and I am thankful.