Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's a small world

Today, I totally forgot about the birthday party of a classmate of C's until 20 minutes after it had started. Stupidly, I mentioned this oversight to C, and somehow found us racing over to the local gymnastics studio with no socks and jackets on in 20 degree weather in order to make it "in time for the cake!" We screeched into the party, C flung himself into the fray of 25 five year olds playing some bastardized version of statue, and A burst into tears as she realized she was going to spend the next 45 minutes watching her brother and his friends have fun.

All of a sudden, a piece of paper appeared in front of my eyes. I looked up, and there was the knitting pattern I had been begging the internet to help me locate. Before me stood the woman in the funky scarf, who was almost jumping for joy.

"I got home and realized that the pattern was at Berroco, not Bernat!" she exclaimed. "So I printed it out and have been carrying it around in my bag hoping I would see you! And I did!"

It is a small, small world. And now I have a reason to finish that bunting for Baby C2.