Saturday, January 20, 2007

Croup is a four letter word

I had big plans this weekend. BIG PLANS I tell you. M was taking the kids to see his sister and I was headed into the city to spend the night with friends, check out a new wine bar, eat some yummy food, and wake up in the morning for a lovely brunch. I was going to be kid-free for a full 36 hours or so, and it was going to be fabulous. But, like all good plans, this one too came to a screeching halt at 5:30 am this morning when C woke up coughing, that oh so distinctive "barking seal" cough. Croup is not. my. friend.

On the up side, he is old enough that he just sounds like hell, but in reality he could still breathe fairly well. And that is a good thing because our hot water heater is so old that I couldn't actually generate any steam in our bathroom.

Sigh. And do you know who I actually feel worse for? C, and not because he is sick. He was so looking forward to going to see his cousin. When I broke the news that he wasn't able to go, he looked like his heart was going to break. Poor thing.