Monday, November 06, 2006


Who knew that a furnace could make such a difference? Despite all of my moaning about the demise of our furnace a few weeks ago, M and I have spent the last few days reveling in the warmth that it our house. Right after the furnace guys had left, M dragged me from vent to vent saying "Feel this! Air flow! There is actually air flow coming from these vents!" And last night when I got cold, I bumped the temperature up a bit and low and behold, just a few minutes later the room was nice and toasty. And the best part is? The warmest room in the house is the family room. Oh, and all of this warmth is coming from a 96% efficient furnace, so hopefully our energy bills will actually go down.

I am starting to think that this winter may not be so horrid after all. If I can be warm and save money all at once, it will be well worth the financial inconvenience of it all.