Thursday, November 02, 2006

I swim, therefore I whine

Today is now swim day Chez J-E. This morning I had the pleasure of putting on a swimsuit and chasing A around a lukewarm at best swimming pool. Can you hear the joy? Can you? Because let me tell you, there wasn't much of it. I was cold, I neglected to shave the right side of my body so one leg was all hairy, and man, I look even worse in a swimsuit in November than I did in July. I would give M hours upon hours of get out of kiddie jail free cards if he could take this one back.

There was, however, much joy on A's side of things. She led me carefully by the hand to the pool, told me which bubble she wore, and showed me how to "safety slide" into the pool. When I wasn't paying much attention to the teacher because I was concentrating too hard on shivering, A took control and dragged me over to the edge for humpty dumpty time. She grinned from ear to ear, and announced to everyone she saw that "I swim with Mommy on Thursday now!" After our lesson, she got terribly excited about being able to go into the girls locker room instead of the family one, and even let me blow dry her hair because she was a "big girl now."

But, my day at the pool is not yet over. At dinnertime I get to shlep both kids back so C can have his lesson. Why I thought that a dinnertime swim class was a brilliant idea, I couldn't tell you. You know that both kids will whine the entire time about how hungry they are, and how tired they are, and are we there yet and are we home yet, and is it done yet. At least I don't actually have to get into the pool this time, I just have to give a thumbs up through the viewing window every time C does anything.

This is going to be a long, long eight week session. I'm going to appreciate this next summer when I can hopefully just sit on the edge of the kiddie pool, right? Right?