Friday, November 03, 2006

Lazy day

Or, rather, lazy morning. I thankfully signed C up for the four day a week class at preschool, so on Fridays we don't have to vacate the house at quite the hour we do the rest of the week. For the last eight weeks, I had signed C up for a sports sampler class at the Y, which he loved but not enough to want to get out of pajamas at 8:30. So I didn't sign him up again. Which of course led to tears, but when I pointed out that this meant he could stay in his pajamas, he perked up considerably.

I have some guilt, now the only real exercise he gets is swimming, the short recesses at school and our occasional trips to the playground. But the ability to lazy around the house one day a week for one last year was too appealing to pass up. So far this morning we have watched TV, had a breakfast picnic, and snuggled on my chair. Right now C is watching me finish this post, patiently waiting so he can send an email to his true love, Julia.

At some point we need to start our day as C has a flu shot scheduled and we need to make some sort of dessert for the Family Fun Night at preschool this evening. But for the next few hours, we can rest and recuperate.