Monday, November 20, 2006

The time has come, the mommy said

To speak of many things. Of pee and poop and bathrooms, of accidents and potty rings.

Yes folks, we have hit the great brick wall of potty training. A insists on underpants, but yet refuses to use a potty. A catch 22 indeed. Do you know how many times I have cleaned up pee off of the floor, carpet, bed, couch, insert place other than the toilet here? Do you know how much laundry I have been doing? Do you? A lot. A whole lot.

I'm at a loss. The pediatrician is at a loss. But she IS thrilled with A's growth. Three inches! Three pounds! In only six months! Who cares if she pees on the floor? A strong wind isn't going to blow her over anymore! But as I pointed out, while growth is all fine and good, the more she eats and drinks, the more she pees and poops. I'm just saying.

Ideas? Suggestions? Because someone isn't going to make it through this process mentally unscathed. And I have a feeling that that someone is going to be me.