Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Overheard from the Attic

Exterminator Man: "Oh. My. God."

Chichimama: "That doesn't sound good. Not good at all."

Exterminator Man: "Come look at this."

Chichimama: "No, no, I think I'll pass."

Exterminator Man: (into his walkie talkie) "Hey, where are you? Yeah. I found a really large wasp nest in an attic and I'm afraid it is going to eat me alive. Can you come help?"

Chichimama: "I'm out of here."

Exterminator Man: (as I am fleeing the attic) "No worries! Really! We'll get them!"

Exterminator Man has now left the premises to try and round up additional support at "headquarters." Apparently his buddy on the walkie talkie decided he was going to pass on a closeup view of the man-eating wasp nest. The wasps, they are still residing happily in my attic.

Have I mentioned yet that I am deathly. afraid. of. bees/wasps/things that sting?

Updated to add: I love Exterminator Man. He will be getting a holiday card and cookies from us. A lot of cookies.