Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I owe it all to Susan Wagner

I have my holiday outfit. And it all cost less than $40. At Target today I bought this jacket,

which Susan over at Friday Playdate had been praising a few weeks ago. When I saw it in her post I thought "God, short and boxy. It would look look horrific on me," and didn't give it another thought. But today, in the clearance racks of Target, there it sat in just my size. "What do I have to lose?" I thought, and trotted off to the dressing room (yes, you heard me, I went into the dressing room at Target because I so sure it wouldn't look right that it wasn't even worth leaving the store with it). And, it looked good! But not with the wide-leg flowy pants I have at home.

So I headed next door to Old Navy to try and find another Susan recommendation, these pants. And guess what? On sale and in my size! Add a pair of black heels and a chunky necklace, and I actually look put together! Can you see the dance of joy I am doing right now? Thank you, thank you Susan! And thank you everyone for your moral support during this shopping crisis. I now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.