Monday, November 27, 2006

Fashionista I am not

I just had the unfortunate experience of spending the afternoon at the mall with two children in tow, trying on clothes that are office holiday party appropriate. For the first time in five years, a sitter had been lined up and I will be attending M's office party, assuming no major illnesses befell us.

Since it has been five years since I have spent the holiday season doing anything besides putting together toys, when I went shopping in my closet I found nothing that both fit and didn't scream "bought in 1996!" So to the mall I went. First I headed to Ann Taylor Loft. "Cheap and trendy! I love Ann Taylor Loft" I thought. I tried on this...and it was clearly not made for boobs that have nursed two children. Then I tried this...but I am just not a shrug type of gal. Other than that, nothing looked even remotely appropriate.

Next I headed to JCrew. Everything there was $200 and up, and we moved on to Talbots. Yes, you heard me. Talbots. I came very close to buying this. It was comfortable. It had an elastic waist. It hid my belly roll and hips. But I just couldn't quite do it. C told me it looked like pajamas. And if my almost five year old thinks it looks like pajamas...well, it probably does. I tried on four pair of pants. Three blouses. Apparently, short shirts are in again which is just unfortunate. After two children, I want to hide my tummy. As I'm not about to start doing sit ups.

Finally I headed to JJill. By this point, the troops were whining "I'm hungry. I'm tired of walking. I want to see the penguins." I whipped through the store and walked out with this. I know. Not very chic. But comfortable! And useful, as I can wear it with jeans after the fact. Do you think with a pair of dressy black pants, heels and a cami I can pull it off? Or does it too scream frumpy mom?

Gah. Have I mentioned that I really, really hate to shop?