Friday, August 04, 2006

Ah, hope springs eternal

So a quick A update, she is still fever-ridden, but demanding that we cater to her every whim, so I am not so concerned about her well being tonight. If she can keep me running up and down the stairs for an hour and a half with demands like "I need socks on my hands" and "I think I want to sing Hello Everybody FIVE times now" then she is not all that ill. Although I will probably make the obligatory phone call to the pediatrican's office in the AM so I don't get chewed out for not calling if she still has the fever on Monday.

But the real topic of this post is that today I broke the news to C that his best friend Julia was moving to London. After we looked up London on a map and determined that it was "a lot further than Nana's" he burst into tears. Then suddenly he perked up and smiled. "Mommy! Julia isn't really moving. Because it takes a really long time to find someone to live in your house so you can move. So I'm not sad anymore because by the time someone wants to live in her house, I'll be all grown up." And despite my reassurances that she was indeed moving, whether or not they found someone to live in her house, he was insistent that it wasn't really happening.

Ah, September will be so much fun.