Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fun with spam

So I just got the most bizarre email from someone who clearly doesn't know the mommy blog market. I'm guessing none of you want to pay me money to read my blog on your wireless mobile devices. I mean, hey, it would lovely if you did, but I'm betting that you don't. How much do you think it would cost ME to register for this one????

Additionally, a shampoo and soap company thinks "a mom can go a bit crazy" (implication being crazy in a not very good way) and would like me to direct all of my crazy readers to their site to watch some video as a stress reliever and register for free product samples. Somehow, I'm guessing that this one isn't legit...I mean no respecting company would call you crazy in a pitch letter...right?

Who knew my inbox would be filled with such great spam because of my blog? What's been your best blog related spam?