Sunday, June 18, 2006

Flapper or Scrubber?

So, welcome to the first official meeting of our book club! Come on in, settle in and help yourself to the chips and salsa. I believe there are some brownies on the way as well. And, of course, there is wine and margaritas set up on the dining room table. Just make sure not to spill anything, the house IS on the market you know.

So for our inaugural book I chose Biting the Dust (The Joys of Housework) by Margaret Horsfield. And I'm a little unclear on whether it was a decent selection or not. I personally found the beginning of the book wonderful, the middle took me weeks to plod through, and then it picked up again towards the end. But I did find many points of interest.

For example, when she talked about men and window washing. I don't know about the other men out there, but my husband is obsessed with windows. House windows, car windows, if there is a window he must clean it til it gleams. But the sink? Forget it. Scraps of food can live there for weeks and begin growing mold before he would notice and scrub it.

I also found myself alternating between feeling rather proud of my housekeeping abilities and racing for the nearest Clorox Wipe to scrub my shower/sink/counter/toilet because my housekeeping abilities were atrocious. And the bedbug section just freaked me out to no end. I spent nights lying awake thinking that any minute I would find them crawling all over me.

What parts did you like? What spoke to you? What didn't you like about the book? And, most importantly, are you a flapper or a scrubber?* Please, comment share, respond. Feel free to chime in even if you didn't read the book. Housekeeping is a universal topic!

I, I am a flapper. As if you couldn't have guessed.

*For those of you who didn't read the book, or didn't make it through the last chapter, the author argues that there are two types of cleaners out there, those who are rather "random and unconsidered" (the flappers) and those who clean regularly and thoroughly (the scrubbers).