Wednesday, May 03, 2006


An uneasy truce seems to have been reached in regards to A's sleep. I believe the nap, she is a gone. We are on day three of no nap, and A, while cranky at the end of the day, flat out refuses to have anything to do with her bed, or the hardwood floor, at nap time. She has, however, agreed to sit in her bed with the lights on and read her books. I got 45 minutes out of her today and yesterday, which in the grand scheme of things is more than I could have hoped for.

In return for not forcing the nap issue, she seems more willing to stay in her bed at bedtime. Not more willing to sleep, oh no, not that, but at least I am not being held captive in the hallway by a not quite two year old. As I type she is singing "Sunglasses at Night" almost on key. Whoops, now we've moved onto "Bad Day." I think I have a rock star in the making. American Idol, watch out.

The middle of the night is still sketchy, however. Some nights she goes right back, others take some work on my part. Last night I finally caved at 5 or so and brought her into bed because I was just too tired to do anything about it. And by 6 C was in our bed too, so it was just one big happy family bed this morning. If you had told me four years ago that we would be co-sleeping portions of each night with not one but two children, I would have laughed at you. But yet, here we are, four plus two cats crammed into a queen sized bed.

So I guess all and all, improvements have been made. And at least I know that I am getting slightly more sleep than Mrs. Fortune, who finally had her beautiful baby boy! Congrats! And may you have a good sleeper on your hands. If not, may I interest you in a library of sleep books? I can't vouch for their effectiveness personally, but other swear by them...