Friday, April 21, 2006

Tag, I'm it

Nicole and Her Bad Mother tagged me the other day for this. Since y'all know some weird things about my kids, I figured I could play along and share some weird things about me. And I actually completed this post, then blogger crashed on me so now I have to recreate. I'm pretty sure it was much better the first time round. But anyhooo...

1) I don't like chocolate. I know, I know. I used to really despise it, but when I was pregnant with C I began to crave it so now I will eat chocolate if it is offered but still won't go out of my way to buy it. Which distresses M to no end as he loves chocolate and he generally can't find anything to indulge his craving in the pantry.

2) I get so upset by the mishaps of TV characters that I often have to leave the room because I can't stand to see them embarrass themselves.

3) I feel obligated to read every book I start. Not that I read it straight through, mind you. If the book sucks, it goes into a drawer in my nightstand to be finished later. When the drawer gets too full to close I pick the best of the worst and finish it. Really. But by that point I generally can't remember what the book was about and have to start over.

4) I'm basement phobic. I really, really hate basements. Everyone keeps commenting on how wonderful it is that our new house has a basement playroom so we can keep all the toys there, and I keep shaking my head saying "Oh, no. The toys, they will live in the family room off the kitchen." Because I would have to be committed if we played in the basement everyday. There are days that I can't bring myself to go down the basement to switch the laundry (like yesterday). One of the first major renovation I want to do to the new house is blow through the wall to the storage shed to make a first floor laundry.

5) I love reality TV. The stupider the better. The Bachelor? Addicted. American Idol? Of course! Average Joe? Watched every season. For Love or Money? Yep! I even watch America's Next Top Model on occasions, and watched MTV's Sorority and Fraternity Life. I'm now going to hang my head in shame and retreat from the blogsphere until y'all forget I ever mentioned this.

6) I eat cinnamon raisin bagels with scallion cream cheese. It tastes great, even though I know you are looking at me funny right now.

I'm not tagging anyone as I think I am the last person in the blogsphere to do this one. So if you haven't done it, join the party!

HeatherJ, I know I owe you a meme too. I will get to it, I promise!