Thursday, December 22, 2005

Weird Things About My Kids

Landismom over at Bumblebee Sweet Potato tagged me for this meme. I'm rather excited as I've never been tagged for anything before, not even in games of tag. I was always the kid who ran and ran and no one wanted to catch. Sigh.

Anyway, without further ado, here you go.

1) Both my children eat virtually only fruits and vegetables. On his second birthday, C turned aside pizza in favor of broccoli. True story.

2) C falls asleep every night to a CD of Gregorian chants. At least that's what we think they are, I'm not very up on monastic chants.

3) The first word out of both C and A's mouths was "cat." Not mama, not dada, not hi. Cat. Mama and dada didn't enter the picture until about word 100 for C and 50 for A.

The next two are toss ups. Should I mention the fact that my children eat their waffles and pancakes frozen? Or that they both prefer playing with scotch tape to all toys in this household. Decisions decisions. I think I'll go with:

4) A is allergic to every brand of diaper except the really expensive Pampers Cruisers. Have you ever heard of a child allergic to DIAPERS? Even my pediatrician scratched her head. If I were a different type of mommy I would have started cloth diapering. But although I did consider it, I hate laundry too much. Plus, M would have never ever changed another diaper.

5) C can remember in which space we parked our car and for what purpose months. For example, when at the mall a few weeks ago he pointed to a space and said "That's the space we parked in when we came to get Baby C a birthday gift." Her birthday is in July. And it was in fact the space. Or at church, where we have obviously parked in many different spaces, he can point out the space we parked in with the baby green car when Mommy had to drop off some papers, and the space we parked the big black car in when we came for the BBQ, and the space where we parked when we saw his babysitter in the green dress, etc. I find it a bit disturbing, although it is a handy trick when I can't find my car...

I'm not sure how the meme tagging thing works, so feel free to play along if you so desire. Kristy, cough cough. And Steph, poke poke.