Thursday, March 02, 2006

So done

It has been one of those days over here. Because of the weather we didn't leave the house, and, quite honestly, the day could have been much worse. The kids were in reasonable spirits, and the sibling rivalry was not as omnipresent as it usually is.

"So what was the problem?" you ask.

The problem was the cling factor. I am a person who requires a fair amount of personal space. I can't stand back rubs, or massages, or anything that requires another human being outside of my spouse and children coming within an arms radius of me. I am a fan of the handshake, not the "so good to see you" hug and kiss. And while I have instituted an exception to my "stay away, far far away" rule for my immediate family, there is still a limit to my ability to handle constant contact with another human being.

Today we reached my limit by about 3pm. A had to be "up up up" all day long, and C used me as his own personal jungle gym for hours on end. Every tearful moment required many hugs and kisses, and then minutes upon hours of more snuggling and hugs to make the world right. Every time someone tried to touch me, I had to keep myself from cringing and throwing them off my leg, arm, tummy, or face.

I am so glad they love me and love to show their affection. Clearly they have inherited genes from M, although Nana claims I was as equally lovey-dovey as a toddler/pre-schooler. But can't they shower some love on stuffed animals too? I know quite a few teddy bears who are starving for a little bit of love.