Thursday, March 16, 2006


If I were a smart mommy I would currently be whipping through my house cleaning for tomorrow's birthday party. Instead, here I sit at the computer checking my email and catching up on my blog reading.

If I were an organized mommy I would be taking away all of the toys with many small, hard to find parts in an attempt to try and mitigate the havoc that the 18 children descending on my house tomorrow afternoon will wreak. Instead I am eying the menu of the new restaurant M and I are trying tomorrow night trying to decide whether I want the tuna or the sea scallops. Rebecca, suggestions?

If I were a proactive mommy I would be making cupcakes, just in case I have another baking disaster forcing me to run to the supermarket at the last minute. Instead I am sipping my wine and debating whether to start looking for a babysitter so I can head back to work (it was one of those days).

Unfortunately, I am a lazy mommy and will put all these things off until tomorrow. Ice cream anyone?