Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ahhhh....the quiet

C had a wonderful birthday party. No children got hurt, no major toy sharing fights broke out, and everyone except Julia cheated on pin the ice cream cone on Curious George. C got many cool toys, all with small, choking hazard parts which attract A like a moth to a flame. Lucy the babysitter said he was up for hours reliving the party and the present haul.

The cupcakes turned out on the first try, although there are still a dozen sitting on my counter. Damn you mommies on diets for bathing suit season! Cupcake decorating was a huge hit with the four and under set, and my kitchen was miraculously clean, considering. Thank you mommies for supervising your offspring so well! It almost makes up for the pounds that will be accumulating on my hips instead of yours.

M and I had a lovely dinner, and I had the most amazing after-dinner tea ever. Our waiter was kind enough to tell M exactly how to Google the seller, who must be the last store on the face of the earth not do sell via the Internet. So we will be calling bright and early to order me large quantities of tea. Even if the food had been awful I would have gone back for the tea. It was that good.

I'm now off to find the 40 billion missing toy pieces that I failed to adequately hide. Of particular import are the missing Little People from A's dollhouse. She has been staring at it and crying "lillil baby, air are dou?" for the past fifteen minutes.

And for future reference, 18 children are a spot too many to have in one's home for two hours. We will have to cut down our list before next year...