Thursday, February 16, 2006

Really, today was an exception, I swear

While at the pediatrician's this morning C was clamoring for attention while Dr. S and I discussed A's, ahem, pooping issues.

C: "Dr. S! Dr. S!"

Dr. S: "Yes C?"

C: "I got to watch TWO shows downstairs and TWO shows upstairs!"*

Dr. S (while giving me a really??? It's only 11am look): "Really????"

C (Happy as a clam): "Yeah!"

Mommy: "Did you TELL Dr. S what time you and A got up this am???"

C: "Oh. Yeah. Too bloody early."

Thankfully his speech is incomprehensible enough that I don't think she caught the bloody...

As for A's issues, while I now have to collect six, count them, six stool samples into very small vials to rule out parasitic infections and the like, the current opinion is that the fact that the child refuses to eat anything with protein and fat is the actual root of the issue. Apparently a diet consisting of only fruit and vegetables is not so gentle on a toddler's tummy.

*By my count it was actually two shows total, the tail end of Blues Clues downstairs, Blues Clues upstairs while I showered, and then the begining of Miffy before I lured them to the table with chocolate chip waffles and plums.**

** And no, A did not touch the waffles. Just the plum. If I can't get the child to eat chocolate chip waffles, I dare someone to get her to eat fat and protein.