Monday, January 16, 2006

Too wise

Today is swimming day for C, at least for this session. I have tried swimming lessons on a variety of days and at a variety of times but it has never quite worked out for us the way I had hoped. We are constantly running late and my temper is always short. Today was no exception. I was trying to get everyone fed lunch and C dressed while he insisted that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head needed a change of expression. I finally snapped at him "You know, I'm not signing you up for activities if you aren't going to meet me halfway here. It's just not fun or quite honestly fair." Which of course led to a long conversation about what was and wasn't fair instead of movement towards getting dressed. But finally, I got everyone out the door only a little bit late. On the way to the pool C sat silent in the back seat.

Mommy: "C, are you OK?"

C: "Yeah, I'm sorry I made you mad."

Mommy: "Well, I'm sorry I yelled, but swimming costs money. And when you drag your feet and refuse to get ready, it makes me think you don't want to go. And if you don't want to go that's fine, but then I'm not paying for your lessons."

C: "No, I love swimming. But why does it cost money?"

Mommy: "Because almost everything costs money."

C: "Hugs don't cost money, do they? Cause I would like a hug when we get to the pool."

Mommy: "Hugs don't cost money C. And you may have as many of them as you want when we get to the pool."

C: "Not too many though or I might be late."