Thursday, January 19, 2006

T-Minus 19 Hours...

Later this afternoon, Chichimama takes off to Texas to visit her sister until Sunday with no kids. Ergo, I am Mr. Mom all weekend! I've watched C during weekends before, but this will be my first time with both kids for such an extended period. Personally, I'm not worried. Not sure how Chichimama really feels (I presume Rebecca is on full alert!). I have a complete schedule and am ready to go - Bring it on!

Since I am taking off Thursday and Friday to do this, I worked late tonight and evidently A did not go down easily. Chichimama called me at the office at around 9 PM and A was still getting up out of bed and looking for mommy. Consequently, I have been presented with a challenge: if I (as ultimate daddy) can cure A of her sleep issues, I am allowed to get myself a convertible with no complaints from Chichimama!

Gulp...maybe this won't be so easy. As I write this, C woke up, came downstairs, looked at me, and broke into his standard refrain, "I want mommy!" and collapsed into a puddle of whining. Ah well. I'm still optimistic!

Stay tuned...this weekend is daddy blog!