Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Not to continue my whiney theme from the last few weeks, but A seems to have developed a horrific cough in virtually no time what so ever. We did mommy and me gymnastics yesterday, and about halfway through the class she broke out in this horrific, verging on croupy sounding, cough. The other mommies gave me that "Why did you bring a sick child to class" look, and I frantically tried to explain that really, I swear, I hadn't heard that cough until right that very second.

By 2am she had a roaring fever on top of the horrific cough. I think I will just cry now. I will not be leaving A with the babysitter I hired so I could get the trimmings for the several holidays meals I will be cooking over the weekend. I will not be leaving her with the babysitter to finish purchasing stocking stuffers. I cannot even take her to the store. I am going to be stuck running around on Christmas Eve with the 40 billion other last minute shoppers, even though I had thought I had finished my holiday shopping well before Thanksgiving.

This is my own fault. She got the cough less than three hours after I mailed a holiday card to my pediatrician saying I hoped we wouldn't see her until C's four year appointment.

When will I ever learn about jinxing myself??????