Monday, December 12, 2005

It's Over

We spent the weekend trying to convince A that cribs were for sleeping, not climbing. On Saturday morning I though we had done it. Then at 5am this morning, there was a crash. And it is over. Over, over, over. At 19 months I am moving A out of the crib.

I keep telling myself that I was equally terrified about moving C to a bed, and he eventually learned to nap and sleep there, but, quite honestly, he was a little bit more malleable than A. She makes up her mind and that's IT. C could usually be persuaded to come around. I have a feeling that the crib conversion is going to be one of those events we talk about for the rest of our lives. "Do you remember when we had to move A to her toddler bed??? We never slept again until she was a teenager..."

Nevertheless, I'm too much of an anxious fraidy cat to allow her to stay in a crib from which she can (sort of) escape. If she is getting out of bed she might as well do it safely. Thankfully her room is childproofed to the hilt from the days that it used to be C's room, so if (when) she climbs out of the bed she won't be able to do much damage beyond taking all the clothes and books out.

Do you think her early monkey abilities will translate into an early potty trainer? That might make up for the lack of sleep....