Thursday, November 03, 2005

A boy ahead (or behind) the times

This afternoon C was playing with one of the few remnants of my pre-child life, my palm pilot. After exploring the various features such as the on/off switch and cool pen, he started frantically pushing on the screen.

Mommy: "What are you doing?"

C: "Looking for the music."

Mommy: "What do you mean? There's no music on that."

C: "Oh. Wouldn't it be cool if there was? I mean then I could listen to Laurie and Music Together no matter where I went."

Mommy: "Uh, yeah. It would be."

This is only funny if you know that the child has never seen nor heard of an iPod. While it is critically high on my "if you are looking to spend gobs of money on me this holiday season" list, no one in this household owns one or has even mentioned such a thing in his presence.

Now if only he could come up with an invention that doesn't exist yet, we could fully fund his 529...