Friday, November 04, 2005

Bedtime Battles

M swears that all of the preschoolers of the world huddle in corners at playgroups and scheme to come up with inventive bedtime delaying tactics. Over the last several weeks we have gone from "more water" to "have to pee" to "scared of dark." Last night, however, I believe we sunk to a new low.

C (calling from upstairs): "Mommy? Mommy?"

Mommy: "Yes C?"

C: "Can you come here for a minute?"

Mommy: "It's bedtime."

C: "I just really need to tell you something."

Mommy: "Are you bleeding, vomiting or is the room on fire?"

C: "Um, no. But please?"

Mommy troops upstairs.

C: "I really love bedtime you know."

Mommy: "Good. Cause it's bedtime. Night night."

C: "But, but, wait."

Mommy pauses at door.

C: "I need to tell you all the ways I love bedtime. You told me I needed to use my words to tell people how I feel and I really need to tell you how I feel about bedtime."

Mommy: "Why don't you make a mental list and tell me in the morning? That way you can be sure you tell me everything."

C: "No, it's important to get things out in the open. I should tell you now."

What's a gal to do? After a moment of internal debate I sat down on the bed and listened to the list. An abbreviated version for your giggling pleasure....

I love my red sheets. Not the blue ones.

I love footy pajamas, except when they get put on backwards.

I love my books, except the ones where the kids go to sleep at the end.

I love brushing my teeth, but only with the Pooh toothpaste. I don't love the Little Bear toothpaste. Do they make Sesame toothpaste? Cause I think I would love that too. (They do, I bought some this morning...)

I love having two pillows. A hard and a soft.

I love my night night CD (I'm glad someone does because we're pretty sick of it).

I love my clock. It tells me when I can get up.

I finally cut him off when we got down to "I love my pull-up." The child should go into politics. He'll be able to filibuster with the best of them.