Friday, June 03, 2005

Insanity Run Amuck

We are in day 4 of A has a rash that may or may not be the chickenpox land, and it is not going well. It is cold, it is raining, and we started our day at oh, about 3:30am. It is only 10:30, and I am done. Done done done. So done that when M called to chat as he was early to a meeting several states away and was bored, I completely lost it.

I am very unclear as to how I am to fill our day. A is prone on the floor crying hysterically about 9/10ths of the time as she has been up since 3:30am and I am NOT reinstituting the morning nap, and C is ripping toys from her right and left. I am almost at the point that I am going to lock everyone in the playroom and put on some Mommy TV as I just want to throw something through a window. Perhaps a little Ellen will make it all better....